Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the book i remember....

the book that i remember is 'novel biarlah rahsia' ...this novel start is...story about a little gurl ,named A that feel in love,who the secret admired is her member in their class...every day she look and think-em of what will happend to them home,she always said his named,who always remain in thier school,her friends also asked her of what she thinks everyday,and she said 'NO KOMEN'...then,2 years ago..she still remembers that and she also said that this story will be secret in her life ever and ever...from the story,i really respect to her because she still constancy with her story the story i suggest that don't do the same work like this in our life...that all for today


  1. umm...maybe best kot novel tu,kalau ada masa nak baca la,huhuhu....

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